Does Better Coffee in the Workplace Really Make for Better Workers?


Do your employees joke that they can’t work or start their meetings until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee?

It's really no joke because 82% of Americans consume 2+ cups of coffee a day. One in four would give up their vacation to keep their daily cup and oddly enough, one third of respondents claimed they would rather run down a busy street completely naked instead of giving up coffee for a year (a survey conducted by Staples).


Point being, just because you treat your employees to a nice cup of coffee as a small gesture doesn’t mean it’s not an essential one. One that not only drives productivity and community in the office, but a sense of loyalty and workplace satisfaction. The startling fact however is that over 50% of workers who drink coffee at the office are not satisfied with their office coffee situation (according to NCDT data). This ranges from dissatisfaction with the brewing equipment available all the way to the coffee just being stale and boring. And to top that, SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) research shows that Specialty Coffee consumption on a daily basis is up to 41% of the total coffee market from 14% in 1999.

Coffee is obviously an integral part of the office, but what benifits does it really have for employees?

  1. It Protects Against Diseases - “A study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, states that drinking four or five cups of coffee daily has shown to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease nearly 50% in comparison to zero or small amounts of caffeine.” It can also decrease risk of many other health concerns like Type 2 Diabetes.

  2. It Boosts Productivity and Energy - The caffeine in coffee increases energy levels to help become more productive; some say coffee even assists learning new things faster.

  3. It Increases a Sense of Community - A 2010 study from MIT, showed the positive effects coffee breaks can have; these breaks are an opportunity to connect and share stories, both personal and work-related ones.

Given the current trends in coffee, don't you think it's time for an upgrade?

A skillfully roasted coffee is just a few cents more than what’s already on the break room counter but with way less waste and way more flavor. The extra cents spent in flavor and quality will be saved in ordering and delivery. You never have to leave your desk, it’s all done online and is super seamless (think coffee subscription and delivery just like all your other vendors). We'll even help you dial in your coffee on your own brewing equipment if you're having trouble getting the result you want & can provide new equipment if what you have isn't doing the job.

Coffee is so much more than a chore for interns and hangover cures, it offers your employees tangible benefits. Benefits, that in turn have a real impact on your organization.