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But really, what is Gold Brew, and where did the name come from?

Well, Gold Brew is a cold-brewed iced coffee both in concentrate form and in a single serve ready to drink bottle. We call it Gold Brew because our shop  has always had a reputation for producing smooth, sweet & delicious iced coffee. There's really no secret to our process other than starting with the finest coffees, extracting them slowly in cold water and filtering out just enough sediment for clarity but not so much that the flavor suffers. The result is.. well.. liquid gold.

How is this 'cold-brew' process different than 'regular iced coffee'?

You might be surprised to hear that a lot of coffee shops just brew hot coffee and throw it in the fridge for their iced coffee. While this might not sound inherently bad, it's a little like eating a cold plate of leftovers from yesterdays meal. Leftovers aren't always bad (cold pizza anyone?) -- but they certainly never capture the full flavor potential of the meal itself. Cold-brewing also extracts certain layers of flavor that hot brewing coffee simply misses. 

Why is the shelf life so short on Gold Brew bottles?

This is one of the double edged swords of cold-brewing coffee. The pH is so high on cold-brew (higher pH means less acidity), and we don't introduce any acids or preservatives to our bottles, so it spoils fairly quickly. The flip side to this: hot brewed coffee sits in the 5-6pH range while cold-brewed coffee is in the upper 6-7pH range, which makes the flavors smoother on the palate and easier on the stomach.

What do you add to the Gold Brew to make it so sweet?

Nothing. If a coffee is picked, processed and roasted well it should carry a dense sweetness by itself (coffee is the seed of a fruit after all). We use only the finest coffees for our Gold Brew. The only other ingredient in the mix is good, clean water!

Where can I get Gold Brew?

We won't be selling Gold Brew online for multiple reasons, but please visit our 'where to buy' page to see retailers here in Salt Lake City that carry it! Cheers!