We're an independent coffee roasting company with a passion for science and technology. Our founder and head roaster has a programming background and has always been interested in making more use of the data generated by the coffee roasting process.

Originally we set out to introduce some light automation to our production for consistency sake. There's plenty of automation software on the market, the caveat however is that most of it isn't written by somebody who knows how to roast. The algorithms used don't really care to know the specifics about the coffee going into the roaster - they just know to get whatever's in there to a specific temperature by a certain time. 

We've written our own software which records a number of variables during a roast and puts that data alongside a corresponding taste score (yep, we taste every single roast we do) with region & climate specifics about the coffee into the cloud. It introduces semi-automated roasting to our production via a series of decision making functions modeled directly after the decisions we make to correct a roast manually. Everything works great but we're quickly realizing that to build this into a full set of analytics and further demystify the delicate adjustments made during a roast we need to utilize deep learning.

As it stands we're on track to build a database big enough for deep learning in 3-5 years. We'd like to get there sooner than that which means we need to roast a ton of coffee.

We'd like to invite you to be a part of this data collecting journey and take care of your coffee needs at the same time. Sign up for our coffee subscription service to automatically receive coffee at any volume and interval of your choosing & never run out of coffee again. The office will thank you for the upgrade and we'll even let you in to an exclusive analytics page on our website which pulls live roasting statistics from our database!