Foundry Seasonal Espresso

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Foundry Seasonal Espresso


Agave - Cocoa - Mixed Berries - Lime

Foundry seemed like a fitting name for a coffee given that the roasting process takes a great level of skill and craftsmanship. We wanted a blend that had an exciting fruitiness to it while still retaining a dense mouthfeel and simple sweetness. These parameters are what make espresso interesting both on its own and in milk drinks.

Current Blend:

33% Brazil Mundo Novo

66% Ethiopia Akrabi Natural

As espresso this coffee is densely sweet and fruity. Blueberry and blackberry can be tasted right away with more subtle pomegranate and peach jam in the finish. The mouthfeel is very rich and chocolatey.

Foundry also works great as a brewed coffee, with flavors of milk chocolate, roasted almond and raspberry jam.

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